Dating prs se

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Dating prs se

The latest is the refined, carved-top Gary Grainger Bass, whose ambitious design profile is evoked in the Kestrel and Kingfisher.

Yet the SE basses take greater inspiration from the pantheon of electric bass classics.

So whether you’re interested in rocking a clean tone, picking bass lines beneath higher melodies on one guitar, or chugging out the heaviest drop-tuned riffs, the SE 277 offers versatility in a reliable package for players looking to push the envelope.

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The SE Custom 24 is ideal for musicians who have established their skills and are looking to find their signature voice on guitar.

After blinking repeatedly at its finish, you may have trouble believing this is a mid-priced guitar. The body is extra thick, much like a Les Paul, but not all that heavy. As its name implies, the SE 245 has a 241/2″ neck scale, unlike the usual 25″ scale that Paul Smith made famous.

A single-cutaway from the company’s Korean-built SE line, its intent, of course, is to provide entry-level/intermediate players a chance to play a PRS without the investment required to get into one of the company’s U. Also notable is the chrome hardware and a pair of Volume and Tone knobs (the Volume knobs are in the two row, which takes a minute to get used to, but makes sense). And while a half inch may not seem like much, it gives the guitar a different feel compared to upscale PRS models.

Also, the neck on the SE is substantially fatter than its upscale brother, more like a beefy ’50s Les Paul Junior.

Guitars that look as good as they play If you've ever seen a Paul Reed Smith guitar up close, then you know what we mean when we go on about how great these guitars look.

There's nothing better for a guitar enthusiast than seeing, feeling, and hearing these guitars.

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