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Sailor moon dating simulator moon maid

Melody shares several of Soos' quirks and interest, and she's more than happy to go out with him. Cheese/Showbiz Pizza type arcade place that they both loved going to when they were kids.

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It turns out the dating sim, Giffany, is sentient, and falls in love with Soos.

Soos is at first more than happy to spend all his time in his room talking to Giffany, even though she makes several sinister comments about her previous "boyfriends" and how she "deleted" the game's designers.

Potential obstacles: As the physical embodiment of perfect love, she probably doesn’t need me. Jessica Rabbit, JUST IGNORE THAT THIS IS THE SECOND ANIMAL ON THIS LIST. Mannered, refined, will help you escape the Cat Kingdom. Frizzle, Nightcrawler, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Princess Mononoke, Robin Hood, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Moon, San, Steven Universe, Studio Ghibli, Teen Titans, The Cat Returns, The Magic School Bus, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Miller, Autostraddle, Buzzfeed, Catwoman, Cracked, Divergent, Ellie, Eowyn, Ghostbusters, Harry Potter, Image Comics, Jezebel, Kamala Khan, Katee Sackhoff, Korrasami, Kotaku, Legend of Korra, Lindy West, Magic: The Gathering, Media for Misfits, Medium, Ms.

Soos needs to bring a date to his cousin Reggies engagement party to please Abuelita, so Dipper and Mabel try to help him talk to girls and get said date.

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Robin Hood, I am not the only person who thinks this. Potential obstacles: Seems pretty into hanging with Maid Marian and/or Little John.

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